Listen to snippets of JESSALYN’S new songs on Soundcloud, then purchase them on your favorite online music retailer. Starting tomorrow, the songs will be available on iTunes, amazon, spotify, and many other sites.

JESSALYN and VBR will be releasing two singles, COLDEST and NO BETTER , on Friday, March 17th. They will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers. Here them now on WWW.987THEHEAT.COM.


JESSALYN’S first single, WANT ME, is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and other online music stores. WANT ME can also be heard on web radio. I would like to give a shout out to Anthony from the HEAT – thanks for helping us spread the word! And thanks to Song Bird, AKA Natalia, for all of your love and support!

JESSALYN’s single release party was last Friday night and it was a huge success! Check out this photos of Jessalyn with friends, family, song writers, producers, engineers, and other music industry professionals:

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Thank you Joel Redmond for the photos!


VBR’s first signed recording artist, Jessalyn, will be releasing her first single, WANT ME, on October 31st! Halloween is her favorite holiday and this will be a Halloween to remember! Look for WANT ME by Jessalyn on iTunes, Spotify, and all of the other music sites! Be sure to look out for more of Jessalyn’s upcoming singles and Album, SAVAGE, featuring the title song, SO SAVAGE.

Jessalyn is working on a single with Grammy winning producer, Kerry Brothers AKA Krucial Noise!

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Jessalyn has been hard at work meeting with songwriters, producers, and recording! Jessalyn’s first single will be released in early August. Her first album will be released shortly after. Stay tuned for snippets of her originals…..


Welcome to VillageBeats Records! Check out our first artist, Jessalyn, on Soundcloud and Youtube (scroll to the bottom of the page for links). At this time, you will be able to listen to several cover songs that Jessalyn has recorded. Jessalyn is working on her first album with top notch producers including ┬áKrucial Noise. Check back for information about the release of Jessalyn’s first single and upcoming album! And check back for pictures and videos of Jessalyn!